We provide leadership communication training and coaching that move your associates, managers, and executives to improved productivity through enhanced leadership presence, influential relationship skills and greater personal resilience.

All of our workshops and coaching interactions are designed to teach core principles of Emotional Intelligence and include powerful “brain-based” practices from the findings of neuroscience. The resulting knowledge and skill enhance the participant’s sense of self and and purpose, which enables them to thrive in the organizational culture while achieving mutually satisfying results.

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We offer a variety of customized workshops, and learning events - including speaker services to meet your specific needs for training, facilitation, team building, and organizational meetings. Click below for a list of our most requested topics.

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Certified in The Results Coaching System™, Steve uses a neuroscience-based, processed-focused, outcomes driven approach that is ideal for coaching rational, business focused professionals. Coaching also addresses the whole person, incorporation somatic and practices that enhance executive presence and communication, as well as mindfulness practices and assessments that increase personal and social awareness and skill.

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We hold certifications in a variety of powerful assessments including EQi2.0, MBTI, and DiSC. Team assessments and work book-based surveys (i.e. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and Strengthfinders). Thumbnail versions of 4 square personality surveys are available for some workshops.

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AUTHENTIC SUCCESS Feel the FEAR and Open Your Heart Anyway © 2016 Steve Whiteford My work with others using Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, and certainly my self-work over the years, has led to me focus strongly on the incremental, initial feelings we have throughout the day as the key to finding success through emotional intelligence. […]

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Core Flexibility for Performance Enhancement

Core Flexibility in Performance Enhancement The Power of Emotional Awareness in Behavioral Change By Steve Whiteford © 2015 I was recently called to coach a young tech professional who was having difficulty changing some detrimental work habits. They were simple patterns like – clocking overtime by working to “perfection” vs. adhering to defined project parameters, […]

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Get Over It! Six Reasons Leadership/Executive Presence Still Matters

© Steve Whiteford 2015 Search “Executive Presence” on the internet and you will find tons of articles, and resources for training on the topic. Yet, I consistently see opinion articles that dismiss the validity of the discipline.When I read the trashing of what I have experienced to be core skills of communication, leadership and exemplary […]

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