Embodying Leadership

Definition of “embody:” To invest with bodily form To personify an idea To represent in concrete form To make part of a system or whole To embody a particular philosophy, approach, or skill set incorporates each of the bulleted definitions of “embody” listed above. Even with the definition bulleted out for us, the exact meaning […]

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The Innate Power of Presentation Skills Training

Over the years of teaching Communication Skills I have relished the opportunity to go deeper. When a client’s needs evoke the finer points of self-exploration and personal growth to achieve stronger leadership, the work and the results are incredibly rewarding. Leading groups to find courage and refined levels of resiliency and skill for handling conflict […]

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Off the Record

One of the first things people ask for in their relationship with a coach or consultant is confidentiality. Clients often begin by stating: “What I’m about to say is off the record.” It is certainly important to establish that the information and feelings we share will be held with integrity. Without establishing mutual trust it […]

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Resilience, a Skill for 2000

William Bridges, a leading workplace futurist and authority on change, identifies RESILIENCE as one of the characteristics essential for success in today’s workplace. In his book Job-Shift he defines it as the ability to: Bend, Not Break Learn / Release Old Patterns Bounce Back Quickly Live with High Levels of Uncertainty Find Security Within I […]

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Packing a Verbal Business Card

Most great networkers go to great lengths to be certain they always have a business card at hand. I am known to pack cards in my wallet, suit-jacket pocket, shirt pocket, note folder, briefcase, glove compartment — you name it. I’m certain there’s always one within reach. Yet the thing that a lot of us […]

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Interview 1997

What do you think the most important element of successful speaking or presenting is? The personal. Infusing your message with something that is uniquely you. This is what will add expression and color to your message and most directly interest your audience. It’s also the most difficult element for many people. In my workshops when […]

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Interview – Training and Development Journal: September 1990

The best thing you can do for yourself as a trainer, teacher and presenter is to take the time to discover your passion about your subject or your job. What is it that gets you excited? What turns you on? You may consider that the subject you’re presenting is technical and dry. But if you […]

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