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Ode to And

I fell in love with the word when I was teaching speech in college. When pronounced fully — as it almost never is — it produces a clear sense of tying things together. And! The easy open vowel supplies a container for many things, then the tongue embraces them with a sonorously vibrating “n” to […]

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Truth or Consequences

When I suggest that people in corporations refine communication by speaking their truth, by the expressions on their faces, you might think I’ve announced the arrival of Godzilla. Yet, this simple-but-powerful practice might be the answer to most workplace communication challenges. I recently worked with a small group to facilitate teamwork and unravel an intense […]

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Energy, the Essence of Communication

Authority and influence are consistently identified as two essential elements for leadership and effective management. The American Heritage Dictionary defines authority as “the power to command.” I interpret the power to command as the ability to consistently and strongly influence. In other words, to lead or impact the behavior of others. If you look up […]

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Conflict, the Core Skill

“Count to ten.” You probably heard this age-old panacea for controlling anger on the playground. Or, maybe your mother told it to you at very early age to keep you from trouncing a sibling. Like many old sayings it’s the simplification of a profound truth — that you can never solve a problem from the […]

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Off the Record

One of the first things people ask for in their relationship with a coach or consultant is confidentiality. Clients often begin by stating: “What I’m about to say is off the record.” It is certainly important to establish that the information and feelings we share will be held with integrity. Without establishing mutual trust it […]

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