We provide leadership communication training and coaching that move your associates, managers, and executives to improved productivity through enhanced leadership presence, influential relationship skills and greater personal resilience.

All of our workshops and coaching interactions are designed to teach core principles of Emotional Intelligence and include powerful “brain-based” practices from the findings of neuroscience. The resulting knowledge and skill enhance the participant’s sense of self and and purpose, which enables them to thrive in the organizational culture while achieving mutually satisfying results.

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Off the Record

One of the first things people ask for in their relationship with a coach or consultant is confidentiality. Clients often begin by stating: “What I’m about to say is off the record.” It is certainly important to establish that the information and feelings we share will be held with integrity. Without establishing mutual trust it […]

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Resilience, a Skill for 2000

William Bridges, a leading workplace futurist and authority on change, identifies RESILIENCE as one of the characteristics essential for success in today’s workplace. In his book Job-Shift he defines it as the ability to: Bend, Not Break Learn / Release Old Patterns Bounce Back Quickly Live with High Levels of Uncertainty Find Security Within I […]

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Packing a Verbal Business Card

Most great networkers go to great lengths to be certain they always have a business card at hand. I am known to pack cards in my wallet, suit-jacket pocket, shirt pocket, note folder, briefcase, glove compartment — you name it. I’m certain there’s always one within reach. Yet the thing that a lot of us […]

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