We provide leadership communication training and coaching that move your associates, managers, and executives to improved productivity through enhanced leadership presence, influential relationship skills and greater personal resilience.

All of our workshops and coaching interactions are designed to teach core principles of Emotional Intelligence and include powerful “brain-based” practices from the findings of neuroscience. The resulting knowledge and skill enhance the participant’s sense of self and and purpose, which enables them to thrive in the organizational culture while achieving mutually satisfying results.

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Interview 1997

What do you think the most important element of successful speaking or presenting is? The personal. Infusing your message with something that is uniquely you. This is what will add expression and color to your message and most directly interest your audience. It’s also the most difficult element for many people. In my workshops when […]

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Interview – Training and Development Journal: September 1990

The best thing you can do for yourself as a trainer, teacher and presenter is to take the time to discover your passion about your subject or your job. What is it that gets you excited? What turns you on? You may consider that the subject you’re presenting is technical and dry. But if you […]

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