Competencies of Personal Leadership

Executive Presence: Enhancing Individual Leadership and Influence

This customized workshop gives participants the opportunity to explore several vital facets of leadership and influence, while emphasizing their inherent personal power, and exploring its application within the organizational culture.

Interactive exercises, group discussions, personal reflection and focused skill practices provide participants with refreshed perspective, an enhanced sense of self, and new tools for increasing effectiveness.

A one, two or three day course. Includes a DiSC style segment and personal inventories. May include additional assessments, on request. 8 to 30 participants.

  • The powers of productivity and influence
  • The actions of values and vision
  • Exploring your organizational culture
  • Listening for connection and action
  • Principles for constructive conflict
  • Increasing influence and persuasion
  • The power of selective language
  • Behavioral style in communication (DiSC)
  • Personal presence as your foundation
  • Holding others accountable
  • Building trust
  • Demonstrating balance for leadership
  • 100% responsibility
  • Authenticity, attunement and resilience
  • Leadership presentation
  • Group process, role, appreciation, and correction
  • May include assessments – EQi, EQ360, MBTI, etc.