Emotional Intelligence – EQi2.0

EQ-i 2.0 Model Picture
Workshops, Coaching, Hiring – EQi – EQ360 Emotional and Social Intelligence consist of a collection of skills and competencies that combine to give those who have it an advantage for lasting success. Companies that have invested in EQ assessment and training, show bottom line results in productivity, retention, sales, and client satisfaction. After all, the quality of feeling affects every thought that we have, every decision we make, everything we do.

Steve Whiteford is certified in The Reuven Bar-on, EQi2.0, EQi2.0 360, and EQi2.0 Leadership Emotional Intelligence Surveys. The surveys provide an excellent benchmark for use in workshops, coaching and pre-employment screening.

Customized Emotional Intelligence workshops are 1/2, one, two, or three day events constructed from a choice of interactive, discovery and reflective exercises. Movie clips are used to to provide examples and inspire discussion. Workshops may be designed to include the EQ or EQ360 surveys and feedback sessions, or as stand-alone awareness and skill building experiences. 8 to 30 participants.

Also available – one on one coaching, Team Profiles , and and EQi advisory in pre-employment screening.

Workshops and coaching are based on the Reuven Bar-on EQi Scales and Subscales of Emotional Intelligence:

Self Regard, Self-Actualization, Emotional Self-Awareness

Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, Independence

Interpersonal Relationship, Empathy, Social Responsibility

Decision Making
Problem Solving, Reality Testing, Impulse Control

Stress Management
Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, Optimism

When these are in balance Happiness results.