Approach to work

We provide communication training and coaching that moves your associates, managers, and executives to improved productivity, more influential relationship, and greater personal resilience.”90% of communication in your organization still happens person to person.”

All of our programs are designed to teach the principles of Emotional Intelligence and include powerful “brain-based” practices from the findings of neuroscience. (See Workshops)

Effective person to person communication requires:

  • High Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive presence
  • Excellent listening skills
  • A constructive approach to conflict
  • Influential speaking and presentation
  • The ability to motivate and inspire
  • Organizational, business, and cultural savvy
  • A working awareness of personal style
  • Openness, clear thinking and heart
  • Self-awareness and the flexibility to change
  • Personal resilience and energy
  • Authentic expression
  • A commitment to interacting with respect
  • Accelerated learning
  • Self-management and self-motivation skills


  • Leadership Development
  • Speaking and Presentation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Team Skills & Intervention
  • Working Relationships
  • Change Management
  • Keynote Speaking & Conference Presentations

Better communication skills result in achieving organizational goals and strengthening customer satisfaction.

Through increased awareness, a diligent use of skill, and valuing others — all of us are capable of using workplace challenges to accelerate personal growth and fulfillment. Then by means of the simplest to the most complex interactions, we can all consistently increase efficiency and influence, while achieving productive, powerful and progressive results.

Whiteford Resources workshops and coaching interactions are customized to enhance the participant’s sense of self and and purpose, to better thrive in the organizational culture while striving to achieve mutually satisfying goals. Our carefully structured, highly interactive programs deeply instill core behaviors for excellent communication. Both workshops and coaching provide immediate opportunities for application and practice.