Applied Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Skills

Cut to the root of change:

This Course presents a comprehensive introduction to Emotional Intelligence and provides the participant with practical, applicable skills and knowledge that empower significant growth and change.

These skills give the participant practices for increasing one’s own emotional intelligence as well as for engaging others in the core practices.

The program is an effective tool for introducing the core skills of Emotional Intelligence to individuals and teams and presents a valuable primer for organizations.

These skills of Emotional Self-Awareness are key to establishing individual self-assurance and responsibility, and a culture of trust and Psychological Safety.

Your Course Leader: Steve Whiteford

Results You Can Expect:

  • Develop personal resilience and self-assurance
  • Improve Employee Relations and Team Cohesion
  • Increase Influence and Engagement Skills for Leadership, Sales, Project, and Service Professionals
  • Decrease burn-out through increased emotional skill and knowledge
  • Empower managers and leaders with empathetic courage
  • Set the foundation for a culture of Psychological Safety

Includes 4 Modules with Video Instruction, Learning Aids, & Quizzes.

  1. Experiencing Emotions
  2. Emotional Knowledge
  3. Working with Emotions
  4. Expressing Emotions

Important Course Details:

  • The whole program is approximately Two hours and 10 minutes long.
  • Lessons range from 10 to 20 minutes in length.
  • You may come and go as necessary, and return to your last stopping point.
  • The program is set to be completed within two weeks. Request longer access.
  • You may contact the teacher with questions, throughout your experience.
  • Contact: for more information.
  • This Program is approved for THREE Society for Human Resource Management Continuing Education Credits

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