Reduce Time-Wasting Employee Relations Issues

Reduce Time-Wasting Employee Relations Issues

Several years working in a small HR department taught me how much valuable time is wasted on Employee Relations issues. At one time or another, every professional in the department was distracted from a project by having to refocus on resolving interpersonal or management-related conflicts in the organization. Now that I’ve expanded my expertise in…

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AUTHENTIC SUCCESS Feel the FEAR and Open Your Heart Anyway © 2016 Steve Whiteford My work with others using Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, and certainly my self-work over the years, has led to me focus strongly on the incremental, initial feelings we have throughout the day as the key to finding success through emotional intelligence….

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Core Flexibility for Performance Enhancement

Core Flexibility in Performance Enhancement The Power of Emotional Awareness in Behavioral Change By Steve Whiteford © 2015 I was recently called to coach a young tech professional who was having difficulty changing some detrimental work habits. They were simple patterns like – clocking overtime by working to “perfection” vs. adhering to defined project parameters,…

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Get Over It! Six Reasons Leadership/Executive Presence Still Matters

© Steve Whiteford 2015 Search “Executive Presence” on the internet and you will find tons of articles, and resources for training on the topic. Yet, I consistently see opinion articles that dismiss the validity of the discipline.When I read the trashing of what I have experienced to be core skills of communication, leadership and exemplary…

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The Power of Authenticity (EQ-i 2.0) by Steve Whiteford 2014

The Power of Authenticity – In Emotional Intelligence & Leadership © Steve Whiteford 2014 It’s curious that Authenticity is not identified as a component in any of the major EI assessments. But we can recognize it as an integral, and dynamic characteristic of Emotional Intelligence and resonant, powerful leadership. (Of-course so have others.) I would…

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5 Tips for Increasing Training Impact at Your Organization, by Steve Whiteford

– An Overdue Rant – Granted, I come from a theater background which is surprisingly disciplined, and in which the importance of place, staging and performance is fully understood. So, of course, my suggestion is that excellent training and teaching also require these elements. However, in the past few years I’ve noticed more and more…