Energy Psychology: The missing piece to your success!


A scientifically verified tool that uses Applied Kinesiology and focus techniques to allow you to interrupt patterns of thought and behavior when they occur, to overcome fears (Public Speaking) and mental blocks, and choose more successful behaviors leading to peak performance.

Based on-Energy Diagnosis and Treatment Methods – EdxTM

EdxTM incorporates leading edge psychological processes based on the ancient Chinese art of acupressure. Experience and studies have proven that with EDxTM you can quickly eliminate personal limitations by addressing them in your body/mind energy field, interacting with specific body meridian points while concentrating on the desired change.

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Energy Psychology provides you with the keys to unlock psychological issues by helping you understand and use the power of your own energy system.

  • Achieve Peak Performance – Sports/Career/Learning
  • Improve Communication
  • Overcome Fears – Public Speaking / Conflict / Change
  • Increase Personal Openness and Balance
  • Practitioner Training in EDxTM, Level 1