A Deep Resource for Leadership and Executive Development

Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0: A Deep Resource for Leadership & Executive Development

By attending this presentation, participants will be provided key information on how Emotional Intelligence can be the touchstone for highly effective Leadership and Executive Development while providing related exercises that inform Organizational and HR Development. Built around the validated definitions and principles of the EQi 2.0 assessment, this presentation will give tangible meaning to a cultural term that has been a point of discussion for over 27 years. This workshop is highly interactive.

*Additional PDCs may be eared as participants also have the option to take the EQi 2.0 and receive the feedback report for a personal experience of the assessment, as well as a feedback/coaching session.

Learning Objective: 

Designed to provide you with a fast and strong orientation to Emotional Intelligence and the very popular EQ-i 2.0 assessment, this interactive session will provide information and experiences on what emotional intelligence is, how to recognize it, and how the EQi 2.0 reveals an individual’s assets and learning targets. Emotional Intelligence, unlike the concept of IQ is not static but can be significantly increased through awareness, training, and coaching. It provides a more gentle and powerful approach to identifying challenges and opens the way to the significant development of a full range of individual and professional competencies. You will receive keys to:

  1. Understand the definition and key indicators of Emotional Intelligence and how they apply to effective Leadership.
  • Explore interpretation of the EQi 2.0 through real life case studies that illustrate the inter-relatedness of the scales and subscales of the instrument how they describe behavior.
  • Take a thumbnail look at how principles of EQi can apply to Organizational and HR Development in your organization.
  • Receive your personal EQi 2.0 feedback report with an optional coaching/feedback session.

Course Objectives:

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Definition and Overview of Emotional Intelligence and its backing by Neuroscience

The Scales and Subscales of EQ2.0

  • Introduction to the elements of Emotional Effectiveness (EQi 2.0)
  • An interactive exploration of the scales and subscales of EQi2.0
  • Overview of the EQi2.0 Instrument
  • Uses of EQi2.0 in the workplace

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success

  • Explore the two (of four key) emotional factors for leverage
  • Strategies for increasing effectiveness in these keys

Using a Coaching Model for EQ Development

  • Your EQi2.0 Profile
  • Introduction to the coaching model
  • Application to an area cited for personal development

Please Note: This presentation was presented as a segment of AHRMA’s Stepping Stones Series, 2014 – 2017, and received high evaluations.

For a description of the EQi Assessment, go here:


*A 6-hour Zoom or in-house session. Please contact us to receive additional information and scheduling.