The Results Coaching System™

Individual excellence in communication; becoming a leadership champion. Use of EQi, EQ360, EQi Leadership, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test, MBTI or DiSC; NeuroPQ, 360° delivery and interpretation. Additional assessments on request.

What is a Leader?
An individual, who lives from his or her values, influences and leads others, and maintains a mindset that looks to champions decency and improvement in every situation. But becoming a champion requires direction, encouragement, and applied expertise. In fact, 99% of Olympic champions have a personal coach. So do many successful executives. Progressive companies seek out world-class coaches to mentor key executives to increase performance excellence in the organization. Leadership coaching:

  • Refines your communication skills
  • Enables you to better lead and influence others
  • Supports you to consistently deliver results and exceed expectations
  • Empowers you to meet and resolve conflict
  • Defuses workplace and interpersonal tensions
  • Attracts professional and personal recognition – for the right reasons

The Results Coaching System™ is neuroscience-based, process-focused, and outcome driven, making this approach ideal for coaching rational, business focused professionals. It draws from contemporary neuroscience, along with research taken from areas such as positive psychology, adult learning theory, systems and change theories.

Our definition of coaching is facilitating positive change by leveraging self-awareness and improving thinking. We work at the level of improving each individual’s underpinning emotions and thought. This helps people progress through identifying impasses, to generating insights, then enabling actions and finally generating positive and sustainable new habits.

The Results Coaching System™ is a unique combination of being:

  • Neuroscience-based – enabling a deeper understanding of how to coach, and improving coaching effectiveness
  • Process-focused – where coaches follow a clearly articulated and well-structured methodology with clear steps and stages
  • Outcome-driven – coaches focus firmly on objectives and outcomes, enabling insights about the way forward

The outcome of these three qualities is an approach that generates insight fast. On average, we are able to shift people from impasse to action 75% of the time, in brief conversations.

On-site, one-on-one sessions may range from 1 to 4 hours in length and address a wide range of leadership communication topics. Telephone or Zoom sessions may be 1/2 hour to one hour in length. The length of coaching programs varies per scope of a client’s targets, from quick fix through skill building and personal change. A usual program to create lasting change is about 16 hours of coaching.