Written, Produced and Directed by Steve Whiteford
Speech Improvement Video

120 MINUTES OF INSTRUCTION offers the equivalent of 12 private one-hour private sessions. $1,200. value!

DAILY SPEECH AEROBICS (20 minute daily warm up) positioned at front of tape for easy use.

  • 8 additive lessons to improve vocal image (diction and tone)
  • Additional exercises for confidence and expression
  • Printed workbook included

Video Instruction Samples:

Breathe deeply – use diaphragmatic breathing

Hum to focus vibration

Open your mouth and stretch the tongue

Ordering Information: only $99.95 (plus $5. Shipping)

Wow! Valuable. Invest in your presentation. Get better in your own home.
Sharing Ideas

He taught aerobics pro Kathy Smith how to use her voice. Whiteford’s tape is a valuable resource for helping communicators focus on an effective command of the language and an enhanced physical and vocal image.
American Fitness

A useful if not inspiring program.
Library Journal

Great tips for talking for hours without strain and being a more dynamic speaker.
Training & Development Journal