Steve Whiteford has worked as a trainer, consultant, and coach since 1989. His work has consistently focused on communication, including the topics of Leadership Development, Constructive Conflict, Presentation, and Executive Presence, and beginning in 2003, Emotional Intelligence.

“I was thrilled when I first read Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence when it was published in 1995. I believed it substantiated everything that I’d been teaching up until that time. Subjects that some corporate professionals dismissed as “charm school.” Loving helping people find better ways of communicating, presenting themselves, understanding their personal “wiring” and relationships through assessments, 360°s, and self-awareness, plus providing skills to enable self-assurance and emotional flexibility, was now neatly categorized under a scientifically legitimized title.”

Steve continued teaching a menu of typically requested topics but with the perspective that they were all empowered and informed by the skills of Emotional Intelligence. He realized that for clients to accept feelings as vital information was the magic key to change and learning for every subject he taught. Increasing self-awareness and changing behaviors requires perceiving the feelings and emotions that drive behaviors, and that enhance or inhibit the motivation and ability to change.

In addition to having his own consulting company, Steve has sub-contracted to other training organizations, has worked as a Career Consultant for DBM and Lee Hecht Harrison, and has worked in-house with The University of Texas, Professional Development Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Capital Metro Transportation Authority where he served as Program Manager of People Development.

Steve started his career as an actor –

“At a certain point, I saw clearly that I had been on the path of understanding and working with emotions my whole life. As a typical child of the ’50s and ’60s, I’d been strongly discouraged from being “too expressive.” But I was a feeling kid. I decided the only way I could be myself, was (ironically) to become an actor. I graduated from Boston University’s acting program, worked in New York and Hollywood, and also did some directing for a television magazine show.”

He taught speech to actors and business people in Los Angeles, and it was his love of teaching that led him to become a corporate trainer and consultant. His background includes experience in sales, marketing, and management; on-camera consulting for Kathy Smith Lifestyles, working as a director, spokesperson, and narrator for corporate videos, and a passionate study and exploration of psychology and somatic practices. He has served as a guest accent improvement specialist on Voice of America Radio Europe. His techniques for speech and speaking have been featured in articles in ENTREPRENEUR, TWA’s AMBASSADOR, TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL, SPIRIT AT WORK, IDEA MAGAZINE, EI MAGAZINE.

He is known for his engaging, intuitive, and practical approach in creating highly effective practices for change and growth in communication skills. Steve coined the caveat “crossing communication whitewaters” to incorporate the business name while acknowledging the core focus of his work – assisting people with the challenges of everyday interpersonal communication. He has been successful with a broad field of corporate clients from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, and in quite a variety of industries: high-tech, insurance, healthcare, fast food, consumer products, entertainment, and retail – to name a few.

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Steve’s Certifications:

MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test (2020), NeuroLeadership Group’s Results Coaching (2012), EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessments (2003), Meyers-Briggs/MBTI (Master Certification) (2006), Neuroscience of Personality & NeuroPQ (2013), EDxTM, Fred Gallo’s Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (2001), DiSC (1997), Hendricks Institute: Body-Centered Transformation (1996)

Additional Learning:

Cornerstone LMS, Captivate, Project Management. Tom Crum’s Beyond the Gold Conflict Workshop, The Power of Influence with Robbin’s Research, Coaching to Excellence with New Ventures West, Phillips Associates’ Train the Team Builder, Dispute Resolution Services,’ 30 Hour Basic Mediation Workshop

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