Energy Diagnostics and Treatment Methods (EDxTM)
Additional Information on EDxTM, theory, case histories, articles, practitioners and workshops. Site contains perspectives of EDxTM’s founder, Fred Gallo, Ph.D. A leader in cutting edge psychology methods. Steve Whiteford is a certified practitioner in EDxTM and incorporates this very effective method in his training and coaching.

Richard Payton markets a variety of very useful assessments that may be used with the assistance of a consultant, or self-interpreted by a client. The assessment list includes 360’s, tools for hiring, assessing character, sales skills, personality, etc.

Dortch Consulting Group
Posts informative descriptions of the Job Person Match and Personal Preference Inventory profiles. In addition this site contains the on-line version of the assessments. See “Personal Code Tour.”

Link to Steve’s V.O. page and samples.