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Our Workshops and Coaching are infused with the action-based skills of emotional intelligence and are customized to enhance awareness of self and purpose.

Our Participants thrive in the organizational culture while striving to achieve mutually satisfying goals.

Our carefully structured, highly interactive Programs deeply instill behaviors for excellent communication and offer opportunities for application and practice.


“Approximately 82% of global companies now utilize EQ tests for executive positions; 72% of these companies give the tests to middle management and 59% of companies give the tests to entry-level positions.” – Mitrefinch

Steve is certified in the following EI assessments and combines emerging advances in the discipline to create powerful results with training and coaching:

Our Assessments Include:

  • Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0
  • Emotional Intelligence MSCEIT

The skills of Emotional Intelligence will enhance any individual’s success in putting to work the self-awareness gained from any assessment. Steve is also certified in:

  • DiSC
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

And Steve has also utilized Strengthsfinder and numerous other assessments for training and coaching. He has also piloted the MBTI version of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Workshops & Trainings

All training and learning initiatives are enhanced by the skills of Emotional Intelligence, which are known to improve self-awareness, emotional regulation, and decision-making. These skills help learners focus and overcome learning resistance, exam phobia, and ingrained habits and patterns. The practices of Emotional Intelligence instill the curiosity and flexibility to accept and amplify learning and change.

Whiteford Resources / Applied Emotional Intelligence infuses action-based emotional intelligence skills into carefully structured, highly interactive workshops that deeply sow behaviors for engaging communication

Our Workshops move associates, managers, and executives to improved productivity, more influential relationships, and greater personal resilience.

They are designed to teach the principles of Emotional Intelligence and include powerful “brain-based” practices from the findings of neuroscience for personal balance, willpower, and interpersonal savvy. And provide proven models for effective communication and leadership best practices.

*All workshops may be customized for online presentation.

Individual Coaching

We facilitate positive change by leveraging self-awareness and improving each individual’s underpinning emotions and thought. We help people to better identify impasses and generate insights that enable actions towards positive and sustainable new habits.

Steve is certified in The Results Coaching System™ which is ideal for coaching rational, business-focused professionals, and combines well with Emotional Intelligence and other assessments. It draws from contemporary neuroscience, positive psychology, adult learning theory, and systems and change theories.

All coaching is powered by the skills of emotional intelligence that convert self-awareness to action.

  • Neuroscience-Based – enables a deeper understanding of how to coach and improve coaching effectiveness
  • Process-Focused – follows a clearly articulated and well-structured methodology with clear steps and stages
  • Outcome-Driven – focuses firmly on objectives and outcomes, enabling insights about the way forward

Coaching Highlights:

The length of coaching programs varies per the scope of a client’s targets, from quick-fix through skill building and personal change.

A typical program that creates lasting change includes approximately 16 hours of coaching.

On-site, one-on-one sessions may range from 1 to 4 hours and address a wide range of leadership communication topics.

Telephone or Zoom sessions may be 1/2 hour to one hour in length.

Programs utilize EQi, EQ360, EQi Leadership, MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test, MBTI or DiSC, 360° delivery and interpretation.

Ron Dacko, Parmacia Upjohn
Steve’s work with our management team has brought us to a higher level of teamwork and productivity. I feel that he has helped the management team hold each other accountable in a professional and truthful way. I have seen the results within the management staff, and I believe the employees have seen it as well. Overall morale has improved. He has made a difference in our company and I would highly recommend him to any company experiencing similar organizational problems.

Frank Montalvo, Loyola University
Mr. Whiteford was retained as a professional consultant to conduct a team-building program for one of our important student retention programs. His professional training and personality helped us in defining the situation, interviewing and assessing each person’s perspective, conducting personality assessments, and implementing a plan that included staff meetings and workshops to assist the University in developing a strong student support system.

Adriene Lallo, Seton
Steve spent two hours with an executive and the change in the individual’s energy and focus was both profound and sustained. Thank you, Steve!

Barbara Montes, Cigna Health Care
We had Steve do a day and a half of coaching for small groups of our representatives. Steve has a talent for giving valuable in-depth feedback in a non-threatening manner. Our reps improved significantly and evaluated the program as time well spent. He is professional, informative, and entertaining. His flexibility and talent for ad-hoc customization are added value.

Ann Rakov, Williams Worldwide
As a Human Resources Director, I am faced with many challenges on a daily basis working with human emotion, department communication, management training, appropriate staffing, and strategic compensation programs to develop high-performance teams and match our company goals. Thank you for helping me use my strengths to create change in my organization. I am happy to say our work together has made a tremendous impact on me.

Self-Directed Online Webinars

We produce dynamic changes, fast, with the use of tools from leading-edge findings of neuroscience – including “brain-based” practices for personal balance, will-power, and interpersonal savvy, methodologies of Emotional Effectiveness, proven models for engaging communication, and business best practices.

A self-paced online version of Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Skills is available here:

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