Sean Dalton, Product Camp
Steve presented at Austin’s ProductCamp, after attending his first session I rearranged my schedule to attend his second on another topic. In both sessions, Steve’s energy and entertaining mannerisms increased the contribution of session members. He expertly explained the constructs of the subject matter, while creating a space for participants to contribute their experiences. Steve created a detailed and lasting impression on both subjects; and, I enjoyed his style.

Barbara Brown, APTI HOUSTON
Steve’s programs are multi-media and multi-cognitive, engaging all participants through explanations, examples, and exercises. Steve’s practical approach to a potentially intimidating topic (EQi) is especially appropriate for workplace applications. Because Emotional Intelligence is impacted by the environment, Steve uses the EQ360 to help participants understand how their own profile plays out in interactions at work. He works with participants’ Myers Briggs Type to understand aspects of EQ that might need development and help improve EQ performance by building on natural strengths. If you need to improve team communications and team performance in your organization, Steve can help. He can help you, as a leader, understand how your personal style is impacting your team. His EQ-based team development programs will engage the group in understanding their interactions and developing new
skills. I highly recommend Steve’s EQi programs.

Jeff Quade, St. Edwards University, Austin
Given Steve’s deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence and its benefits in the workplace, I asked Steve to be a guest speaker at my Organizational Behavior class. Steve did an amazing job of engaging my students and making this important topic come alive for them. Many have asked for more materials and have expressed a deep interest in the topic.

Rose Ann Howard, KFC
Thanks so much for your recent presentations to our associates here at KFC. Your enthusiastic style and ability to connect with the audience make your topics fun to listen to and learn. I still use the little tricks you taught us in your first presentation and have since been promoted to Director level. Obviously, your hints work.

Ken Martin, Director, Texas Homeless Network

I had the very great privilege and pleasure to attend Steve’s presentation at the Texas Homeless Network conference (Sept 2008), entitled “The Presence of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.” I can say without a doubt, I learned more in that 1 ½-hour presentation than in any other session at any conference I have attended in the last 5 years. Steve’s delivery and breadth of knowledge is truly remarkable. He presents as if he is having a one-on-one conversation with a roomful of people. Many of my colleagues attended the session and afterward told me how wonderful and informative it was to each of them. Several people told me it was the best session at our conference. I only wish I could get rave reviews like that on all of our other workshops at the conference! I highly recommend Steve and Whiteford Resources.