Emotional Self-Awareness and the applied skills of Emotional Intelligence have been proven to:

  • Relieve stress and burnout with self-directed emotional management and shared empathy
  • Overcome the #1 complaint of individual contributors about managers – bad communication and relationship skills
  • Reduce time lost to handling interpersonal conflict in Employee Relations
  • Stop the flood of resignations due to a toxic culture; strengthen retention
  • Turn-around team member conflict and disengagement
  • Develop adaptability for change and empower learning
  • Cut the root challenges to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by boosting individual responsiblitly and awareness
  • Strengthen Leadership and Management decision, communication, and employee engagement

Our feelings and emotions empower our abilities. They guide us with information and motivation. The applied skills of emotional intelligence enhance and support both workplace and personal initiatives and goals. Old school beliefs that emotions are bad are proven to limit success.

Whiteford Resources workshops and coaching interactions are infused with the action-based skills of emotional intelligence and customized to enhance the participant’s awareness of self and purpose. This enables them to thrive in the organizational culture while striving to achieve mutually satisfying goals. Our carefully structured, highly interactive programs deeply instill behaviors for excellent communication. Both workshops and coaching provide immediate opportunities for application and practice.