How might building the muscle for effective conflict strengthen your business? Pat systems of step by step “how-to’s” will let you down. Conflict requires open awareness, receptivity, spontaneity, and discernment. These combine to effectively meet a surprise confrontation, or work as a process for formally negotiating a continuing problem. Fight, flight, or flow, we each define conflict differently from the simplest communication of personal needs to the complexities of managing people and projects. Through habits of effective communication, conflict yields profitable outcomes.

Choose from these workshop topics:

  • Principles for effective conflict
  • Building assurance, conquering self-doubt
  • Effective response to conflict
  • Conflict in your corporate culture
  • Increasing influence and persuasion
  • The power of effective words
  • Listening
  • The modes of conflict / choice or reflex
  • Facilitation and dialogue
  • Creating agreements for personal change
  • Behavioral style in conflict
  • Body language as first message
  • Holding others accountable
  • Demonstrating balance for leadership
  • Penetrating with the simplicity of feeling
  • 100% responsibility
  • Body-mind connections for relieving stress
  • Styles of attack / styles of self-defense
  • Conflict style survey

Client Comments:

I’ve had a major breakthrough around conflict avoidance. I realize conflict is necessary in communicating and getting things done. I engage earlier.

Senior Manger, Consumer Products


I recommend your services to anyone who wants to create change and make a difference in their company

Director of HR, Advertising


The instruction I received was extremely valuable in learning how to deal with others in a more productive manner.

Manager of Manufacturing, Pharmacia Upjohn