workshops and/or one-on-one coaching

The most popular typology in the world; The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator provides deep insight into individual behavioral preferences and style, and helps us identify personal strengths and weaknesses. The better we understand and value ourselves and others, the better we are able to get along and work together effectively. Insights from the MBTI enhance interpersonal relationships, and increase productivity in team interactions.

In this customized workshop (or private coaching), participants complete the MBTI and verify their preferences. Interactive exercises provide a strong understanding of type and preference definitions.

MBTI may be used in teambuilding, where team type is identified in addition to each individual’s type. Exercises clarify individual and team behaviors, determine team strengths and weaknesses, and provide clues for conflict resolution and increased efficiency.

  • Match individual task assignments to preference
  • Value diversity to enhance problem solving
  • Identify actions and behavioral changes to improve communication
  • Explore the type of the organization’s culture

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